Monday, 18 March 2013

Weekend random pics...

A couple of weeks ago i bought an old chest of draws, it cost me £20, i need a set for myself.
I love the shape, so i chose annie sloan paint, its a chalky paint, i was not sure if i liked it at first.
This paint is like no other i have used, its almost like painting with clay, now i am used to it i love it! My advice is to leave the lid off for a couple of hours before you use it,it, makes the paint more creamy.
I have used country grey colour
Sunday we went to see our grandchildren, louie wanted to see them before he goes off on his travels, our Eva did not want her photo taken but little lou lou man loves the camera especially if he has his mama and ga :)
The two louies in our lives,
Wednsday morning louie leaves for france, the weather forecasts wintery weather, so i will make a bowl of popcorn a milkey coffee, radio on and a day painting! Oh i sound so brave, i really will miss louie but i think it will show me how far i have come, it was only a few months ago i could not leave the village without having an anxiety attack.
I will also have plenty of time to practice my crochet stitches, i love crochet and find it theraputic, its very calming.
I have much to do, i will keep you posted, oh i forgot i will spend time reading my book "call the midwife". x