Wednesday, 7 August 2013

At a crossroads...

I seem to be reading alot lately of ladies making changes in their lives, starting new chapters.
Some are empty nesting, with the children growing up, ladies are going back to work to bring in an extra income to contribute to the household funds.
I seem to have found myself in this crossroads of life, we still have our milly at home but how long for? Universitiy calls her, maybe she will travel, sooner or later she will go into the big wide world, home will always be here for her.
I have decided to rent a room to students, which i have to provide bed,breakfast and an evening meal, this was no easy decision, having people you do not know living under your roof for up to three weeks at a time. It has helped me to food shop wisely, helped me to improve my daily routine,to, become more organised, i have chose to do this as to going out to work, i still want to spend time in my home and keeping on top of my daily chores.
I am also starting to get to know myself, does that sound strange? I have started to grow my hair, very slowly my style of dress is changing, i want to become more feminine, i want to behave in a certain manner, i try to think before i speak, i do not like to watch to much t.v, i do not read newspaper's.
I am grateful and adore my loved ones, how they support me on this new chapter of my life, i am fifty next month, i am ready to embrace this beautiful age and know how grateful i feel that my God fulfills all my needs.
I do sometimes feel anxious, but i know i am ready for the changes, life cannot stay the same, faith has to be tested sometimes to make it stronger. x