Thursday, 30 January 2014

Catch up...

Last week our Milly and i went to london, Milly had an interview for a place at her chosen university, we arrived at Kings cross bright and early,
Milly's interview was for 10.00am, we were prompt and it was all over relatively early, it was midday and we decided to go for some lunch and take a look around.
Life has been a little busy around here, we have had three students staying with us this past month, i have been doing more homebaking, the above photo is of my bread dough left to rise,
Our students leave on saturday and i just want to potter about my home, do some crafting maybe painting :)
This is a short post as my eyelids are getting heavy,
* Home*

Sunday, 12 January 2014

My mum saves the day...

I am really trying to food shop wisely, save money where i can and put more homemade dinner's on the table. Our Jade and i decided to  try bulk buying where we can stock up the freezer, you spend alittle more money upfront but hopefully the food will last longer, which in turn i hope to save money.
This is jade working out our bargin buy's! I am a little nervous that i can manage my shopping in this way,
 I bought this cheese and cut it up to freeze,
I will need alot of cheese recipes :)
I bought this lovely book to help me with my bread making,
this morning i blitzed all my stale bread into bread crumbs for the freezer,
Today our students went to Stratford, so i made them a pasta bake,
I spoke with my mum this evening and i told her of my woe's about cooking the right food for the student's, i took on board what she said,so, when the girls arrived home i spoke with them about their everyday life back home. Food is very repetitive and some what bland, they tell me they are enjoying the food but somethings they have never eaten before,with this knowledge i now know i have to step back and let these young girl's experience our culture.
I spent the morning cleaning in my higgledy piggledy kitchen :)
This is my baking cupboard that got a makeover,
Well its getting late now so i had better think about going to my lovely comfy bed and dreaming sweet dreams, goodnight x

Friday, 10 January 2014

What to do?

Our first students of the year have arrived, we have three fifteen year olds, two young girls from chile and one girl from Brazil. I am having small issue's regarding food, when they arrived i ask them if there is any food they do not like, i take all this on board. The girl's have been here nearly a week and they do not seem to be finishing their evening meal! There seem's to be alot of wasted food and in these times i do not like to waste good food, so i gently spoke with them and they asked for smaller portion's, ok i thought, this may be the answer. Tonight i laid the table pretty,i put nice crusty bread in the centre, i gave them a shepherds pie with a herby potato topping and fresh sweet carrots from a local farm. Not one carrot eaten and yet again one particular student leaves half her dinner!!!
  I have tried them with pasta,roast lamb, burgers and sausages, maybe it's been such awhile since my older children were at home that i might have lost touch with what teenager's want to eat, any suggestions?
Today my dear friend Kate and i went for a walk, the weather was perfect,

The sun was shinning through the tree's and the earth smelt so sweet.
In the distance i could hear gun shot's,
There was a pheasant shoot in the next field, we love eating this game.
I have decided starting next week i am going to make homemade bread every other day, sorry if i have had a bit of a moan tonight. x
Oh i forget to tell you while looking in the freezer at the farm shop i briefly met Stephen Mcgann, the doctor in "call the midwife" which just happens to be one of my favourite programs :)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's arrived...

I ordered this book last week, i have been so looking forward to reading this daily devotional book. Well this morning it arrived and i felt alittle overwhelmed with pure joy.
Another lovely picture...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It's been a busy day...

My eldest daughter Zoe bought me a lovely camera for christmas,what a surprise that was!!
Today i thought i would show my day in pictures, our daughter's (milly) boyfriend bought me a little book on baking cakes, i have decided to try and bake a cake each week and go through the book, milly got to choose the first cake recipe,

The cake is heart shaped, i used a silicon mold, i was impressed,
While waiting for my cake to cool down i set about cleaning the kitchen window's, this is not a chore for me i love cleaning window's, it lift's my mood, such a job satisfaction :)
I feel my bucket half way up and pour a good glug of white vinegar, 
My window decoration,
Once window's i decide to organize my clutter under the kitchen sink, i did not realise the amount of box's of washing powder i had, when ever i see a good deal on washing powder i buy a box.
Just as i lose myself into my cleaning, the engineer's arrive to service our boiler, they have to cut my hot water off for awhile.
While this is going on,i snap a photo of a book i am reading,
This little book is filled with such wisdom, i struggle to put it down,
Finally i get the kitchen in ship shape before everyone comes home,
Our girl seem's happy with her cake :)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year...

Happy new year to all my blogging friends and to everyone of you who should call by, i have had the most amazing year in 2013,i conquered some fear's  and enjoyed beautiful moments with my beautiful people i call family and friends.x