Thursday, 30 January 2014

Catch up...

Last week our Milly and i went to london, Milly had an interview for a place at her chosen university, we arrived at Kings cross bright and early,
Milly's interview was for 10.00am, we were prompt and it was all over relatively early, it was midday and we decided to go for some lunch and take a look around.
Life has been a little busy around here, we have had three students staying with us this past month, i have been doing more homebaking, the above photo is of my bread dough left to rise,
Our students leave on saturday and i just want to potter about my home, do some crafting maybe painting :)
This is a short post as my eyelids are getting heavy,
* Home*


  1. The bread looks delicious!! I know you will enjoy your time crafting or whatever you chose to do!!

  2. I can almost smell the bread. Looks scrumptious. You have a charming home.