Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It's been a busy day...

My eldest daughter Zoe bought me a lovely camera for christmas,what a surprise that was!!
Today i thought i would show my day in pictures, our daughter's (milly) boyfriend bought me a little book on baking cakes, i have decided to try and bake a cake each week and go through the book, milly got to choose the first cake recipe,

The cake is heart shaped, i used a silicon mold, i was impressed,
While waiting for my cake to cool down i set about cleaning the kitchen window's, this is not a chore for me i love cleaning window's, it lift's my mood, such a job satisfaction :)
I feel my bucket half way up and pour a good glug of white vinegar, 
My window decoration,
Once window's i decide to organize my clutter under the kitchen sink, i did not realise the amount of box's of washing powder i had, when ever i see a good deal on washing powder i buy a box.
Just as i lose myself into my cleaning, the engineer's arrive to service our boiler, they have to cut my hot water off for awhile.
While this is going on,i snap a photo of a book i am reading,
This little book is filled with such wisdom, i struggle to put it down,
Finally i get the kitchen in ship shape before everyone comes home,
Our girl seem's happy with her cake :)


  1. What a lovely cake. And your window decoration is charming. A perfect way to spend a day.

  2. love the white dresser in the kitchen and the hanging bottle with flowers in! nice touches! Heather x