Friday, 10 January 2014

What to do?

Our first students of the year have arrived, we have three fifteen year olds, two young girls from chile and one girl from Brazil. I am having small issue's regarding food, when they arrived i ask them if there is any food they do not like, i take all this on board. The girl's have been here nearly a week and they do not seem to be finishing their evening meal! There seem's to be alot of wasted food and in these times i do not like to waste good food, so i gently spoke with them and they asked for smaller portion's, ok i thought, this may be the answer. Tonight i laid the table pretty,i put nice crusty bread in the centre, i gave them a shepherds pie with a herby potato topping and fresh sweet carrots from a local farm. Not one carrot eaten and yet again one particular student leaves half her dinner!!!
  I have tried them with pasta,roast lamb, burgers and sausages, maybe it's been such awhile since my older children were at home that i might have lost touch with what teenager's want to eat, any suggestions?
Today my dear friend Kate and i went for a walk, the weather was perfect,

The sun was shinning through the tree's and the earth smelt so sweet.
In the distance i could hear gun shot's,
There was a pheasant shoot in the next field, we love eating this game.
I have decided starting next week i am going to make homemade bread every other day, sorry if i have had a bit of a moan tonight. x
Oh i forget to tell you while looking in the freezer at the farm shop i briefly met Stephen Mcgann, the doctor in "call the midwife" which just happens to be one of my favourite programs :)


  1. I do not know what to tell you about the teenagers not eating. Perhaps it's a phase they are going through. Maybe they are just homesick and getting used to things there... Therefore just picking at their food, in which case smaller portions wouldn't matter. Perhaps all they need is a little time.

  2. I wonder if you ask them what they really prefer? Here it would be hamburgers, pizza's and chicken nuggets. lol Sadly. Probably they will open up more and let you know what they like. Maybe let them plan some meals and help you cook for fun and go to the grocery. They will come out of their shell and let you know what they like. Good luck. Glad I found your blog.

  3. I can understand your dismay over the food situation. I'm like Sonya here it would be burgers, pizza, spaghetti and some kind of soup or stews. I hope things improve soon!! How cool meeting the doctor from your show!!

  4. gosh that's a tricky one. Years ago i travelled in South America. I seem to remember eating lots of rice, beans, fried plantain, fish, salad. And pizza! Both countries are quite different i think. Maybe the food is lighter there as it's a warmer country. They will soon need to fill up on warming food here though. I imagine soups would be good. Good luck with that. I really struggle knowing what to cook, so you have my sympathies! Heather x