Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Busy busy busy...

I have been busy over the last couple of week's and my blog always suffers when this happens. I have been collecting bulbs for the garden over the last month or so, mature garden plants can become so expensive and when you have a large garden you can spend a fortune and not really see where your money has gone!
I went to a cheap shop and bought 3 climbing roses for £1.69 each, i came home and researched them, i like what i read so i have had a bargain :)
At the weekend louie hung my 1950's cupboard on the wall, i am so pleased with it,
Yesterday was our Eva's first confession mass at her catholic church, we arrived at 9.15 am, i love this church,
I wondered how we worry about so much, yet jesus is always close by, i always feel a sense of peace.
Father Raph and company were there to welcome the children, this was a very relax affair, the candles were lit and each child spoke with him. Father Raph is spanish and much thought of by the young and old,
We were asked to keep photo's to a minimum and not to use the flash on the camera, the above photo is a little blurred but this was her moment :)
Afterwards i take our zoe and milly for a morning coffee,
i am not great with having my picture taken but now and again i allow one or two to slip through the net,
Tomorrow i am spending the whole day at home, i have laundry and ironing to catch up on, i have some more small painting projects i want to try. Best wishes x

Friday, 21 February 2014

A new kitchen cupboard...

I have had a very productive day, we need a kitchen cupboard well two kitchen cupboards really! Yesterday i went to a second hand furniture shop and spied this 1950's cupboard,
I paid 10 pounds for her, she is a little battered but i could still see her beauty,
I set about giving her a good clean,
I had some left over cath kidson wallpaper and set about making her look pretty,
I am so pleased with it, tomorrow we will hang her up on the wall. I have also bought some pretty material to make a curtain pelmit. We have two old windows in our home that are not attractive but we just do not have any spare monies at the moment to replace them.
 I saw this lovely idea for a curtain pelmit on Katy's blog at a, i sewed these by hand and i am so pleased with the window now.
This is another look,
I also bought this book, it arrived yesterday and look forward to reading it, the sermons are from the fourth century! Wishing you all a lovely weekend x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Deep in thought...

I started my monday morning with a trip to the hairdressers, i am growing my hair long,for the first time ever. I like to have a trim regular to keep it tidy and in good condition.
Once home i started my daily chores, i felt i needed to de-clutter in the kitchen and move things around abit (sorry no photos as i forgot to capture the moment). I tided our bedroom and i realised my home is a far cry from the house i was bought up in, i say house as it was never a home. I was raised by my father and stepmother, my stepmother was no homemaker, she was (and i believe she still is) a very materialistic person and it seemed the more she had the more she wanted. My stepmother was a very cold sharp person, there was no bedtime stories, no acts of kindness. As i looked around my bedroom and looked at my love for old and even older furniture that i have lovingly restored to my taste my heart felt a little heavy, this was not self pity but a wonder of why there seemed to be such suffering in my early years.
I am thankful for my life today and some days are testing, when i think to deep my throat tightens and i want to cry but the tears do not come.
I love to be home, i feel safe today, i realize i have always wanted to be a homemaker and a family woman, i do not have any desire to see all four corners of the world, although there is a piece of my heart that belongs in America, a country i truly love.
Well my chores finished i set about cooking dinner, i boiled some eggs that i buy from a farmer man in the next village, once boiled i chopped them and mixed them with a cream and herb cheese and some cress, such a comfort food.
i remembered my camera
i made a lovely sandwich and made sure there is enough for louies pack up tomorrow

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Just browsing...

Last night i sat cozy infront of our woodburner sipping root beer and nibbling walnuts, i was just browsing through some photo's of last year. I just wanted to share some with you,
This is our Jade, (we call her dolly), jade is our middle daughter, she is kind, so funny and very hard working, such a beautiful young lady inside and out :)
This is our Milly (we call her La), our Milly is intelligent, very funny, pragmatic and so calm, she immediately makes you feel at ease in her company, such a beauty :)
 This is our Zoe, our eldest daughter, she is strong, so caring. Zoe is an amazing mother, doing her best on a daily basis to raise her children in God's word, we all adore her, a natural beauty in every thing she does :)
Loving them xxx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine Day...

louie and i last summer
I wanted to make a  small effort to show louie how much i love him, we tell each other everyday but sometimes just a small act of kindness out of the usual can be so uplifting. I decided to bake him a chocolate fudge cake, i had some duck eggs and i do believe they are the best eggs for cake baking.
I bought this recipe book from a charity shop for 99 pence, i carefully weigh out my ingredients,
i so enjoyed this time in the kitchen, i was listening to my christian radio station listening to a friendly debate on a womans role in the marriage.
 With two students staying with us at the moment, i hoped everyone would enjoy a slice or two :)
Valentine morning, louie made me a cup of tea in bed and told me to close my he says, and there he stood holding this beautiful picture, i had seen it a month ago while we were out shopping. Louie had offered to buy it for me but we had the tax bill to pay and louie needed a new works van, i just could not justify spending much needed money on pretty pictures, but,this lovely man remembered it and went back and bought it for me i was so touched. Hope you all had a lovely day :)