Friday, 21 February 2014

A new kitchen cupboard...

I have had a very productive day, we need a kitchen cupboard well two kitchen cupboards really! Yesterday i went to a second hand furniture shop and spied this 1950's cupboard,
I paid 10 pounds for her, she is a little battered but i could still see her beauty,
I set about giving her a good clean,
I had some left over cath kidson wallpaper and set about making her look pretty,
I am so pleased with it, tomorrow we will hang her up on the wall. I have also bought some pretty material to make a curtain pelmit. We have two old windows in our home that are not attractive but we just do not have any spare monies at the moment to replace them.
 I saw this lovely idea for a curtain pelmit on Katy's blog at a, i sewed these by hand and i am so pleased with the window now.
This is another look,
I also bought this book, it arrived yesterday and look forward to reading it, the sermons are from the fourth century! Wishing you all a lovely weekend x


  1. I love your kitchen cupboard. It's beautiful indeed. What a bargain. The curtains are charming.

  2. I love the new cabinet!! You did a great job on the curtain!! I think it makes the window beautiful!!