Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Busy busy busy...

I have been busy over the last couple of week's and my blog always suffers when this happens. I have been collecting bulbs for the garden over the last month or so, mature garden plants can become so expensive and when you have a large garden you can spend a fortune and not really see where your money has gone!
I went to a cheap shop and bought 3 climbing roses for £1.69 each, i came home and researched them, i like what i read so i have had a bargain :)
At the weekend louie hung my 1950's cupboard on the wall, i am so pleased with it,
Yesterday was our Eva's first confession mass at her catholic church, we arrived at 9.15 am, i love this church,
I wondered how we worry about so much, yet jesus is always close by, i always feel a sense of peace.
Father Raph and company were there to welcome the children, this was a very relax affair, the candles were lit and each child spoke with him. Father Raph is spanish and much thought of by the young and old,
We were asked to keep photo's to a minimum and not to use the flash on the camera, the above photo is a little blurred but this was her moment :)
Afterwards i take our zoe and milly for a morning coffee,
i am not great with having my picture taken but now and again i allow one or two to slip through the net,
Tomorrow i am spending the whole day at home, i have laundry and ironing to catch up on, i have some more small painting projects i want to try. Best wishes x


  1. What a beautiful church. The climbing roses sound lovely. They will be the perfect addition to your garden. I love your 50's cabinet. So charming.

  2. It really is a beautiful church!!! The cabinet looks great on the wall!! Sweet of you to take the girls out for coffee!! Love seeing your picture!!