Monday, 17 February 2014

Deep in thought...

I started my monday morning with a trip to the hairdressers, i am growing my hair long,for the first time ever. I like to have a trim regular to keep it tidy and in good condition.
Once home i started my daily chores, i felt i needed to de-clutter in the kitchen and move things around abit (sorry no photos as i forgot to capture the moment). I tided our bedroom and i realised my home is a far cry from the house i was bought up in, i say house as it was never a home. I was raised by my father and stepmother, my stepmother was no homemaker, she was (and i believe she still is) a very materialistic person and it seemed the more she had the more she wanted. My stepmother was a very cold sharp person, there was no bedtime stories, no acts of kindness. As i looked around my bedroom and looked at my love for old and even older furniture that i have lovingly restored to my taste my heart felt a little heavy, this was not self pity but a wonder of why there seemed to be such suffering in my early years.
I am thankful for my life today and some days are testing, when i think to deep my throat tightens and i want to cry but the tears do not come.
I love to be home, i feel safe today, i realize i have always wanted to be a homemaker and a family woman, i do not have any desire to see all four corners of the world, although there is a piece of my heart that belongs in America, a country i truly love.
Well my chores finished i set about cooking dinner, i boiled some eggs that i buy from a farmer man in the next village, once boiled i chopped them and mixed them with a cream and herb cheese and some cress, such a comfort food.
i remembered my camera
i made a lovely sandwich and made sure there is enough for louies pack up tomorrow

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  1. Long hair is beautiful, indeed. But can be quite a chore to maintain. ENJOY! It is important to feel safe about what you do and to be happy about who you are.