Thursday, 6 March 2014

Birthday girl...

Monday was our Milly's 19th birthday, where does time go?
Saturday evening her two big sister's came over and stopped the night to spend the evening with her, it was lovely for us to have all the girls stay home with us.
look at them being silly!
Sunday louie and i took milly out for dinner to a turkish restaurant, the food was beautiful,
I think this is the birthday photo with her dad,
Monday (which was her birthday) was a calm day with a homemade birthday cake,
Just lately i have started my spring cleaning, each morning after i clean away breakfast dishes and then choose a kitchen appliance, i.e dishwasher,fridge, freezer , i pull it out clean it and the floor underneath.
My mrs meyers products arrived which i have to say are amazing at cleaning and they smell beautiful, what an incentive to clean!
I am also starting to clean up the area in the garden to create a gravel garden, but, we took our eye off the ball this winter and our garden area has become rather untidy!
I spent the afternoon tidying up, ready to plant bulbs and i have also bought a lilac tree, i hope to plant this saturday :)
This looks slightly better, i hope to make this part of our garden my labour of love this year, i hope to make it an area of healing tired minds, attracting insects that are so important to our enviroment.
I did read a tip that when you plant a rose bush, we are to plant a clove of garlic either side to keep away green fly!
Tomorrow holds some more cleaning and a run to the recycle tip to take away some of our unwanted garden rubbish. Wishing you all a happy friday x


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter. Her cake looks scrumptious. Your garden area is going to be beautiful, for sure.

  2. Happy Birthday Milly!!! That homemade cake looks delicious!! I can't wait to see your finished garden!!