Saturday, 15 March 2014

I have taken a little dip...

I make no secret that i suffer with anxiety at times,mainly when i allow things to overwhelm me.
I take a daily tablet that just helps me take the edge of things, but just enough to help me learn how to manage day to day challenges. I do not suffer with depression or bipolar, anxiety is now becoming recognised as a condition of its own.
Well a few weeks back i thought i have been coping very well and thought i would stop taking my little tablet and see what was lurking without it, plus i do not like the weight gain.
After a couple of weeks i felt my morale dipping slightly and my chores seemed to take forever to do, i love keeping home and baking but i did not feel the enjoyment that i normally do.
This i believe was my warning, if i had only listened to myself and realised this was not the time to make such changes, but, no i pushed myself another couple of weeks feeling low, tearful and fretful.
Now this is the point that some say, this is what the tablets do to you but i now realise with the guidance of a trusted doctor there is no harm in taking something that gives you a helping hand.
I am slowly getting back on course, we have a 50th birthday party this evening, i am a little anixous but i know this is the anxiety playing tricks on me as anxiety likes to take you hostage.


  1. I know exactly what you mean my friend as I suffer from anxiety too!! I hate taking the pills but I know it's a must for me!! I still have those fears but it brings them into a more manageable problem. Praying for you!!

  2. There is no shame in taking a pill to help yourself. I too must take medicine, every day and I have finally learned to accept it is good for me. Saying prayers for you.

  3. Hope you find that point when you feel steady again soon. I guess it's all learning about ourselves. Do some nice things! I've just added you to my bloglovin reader, that's why I missed so many posts! Take care, Heather x

  4. Heloo I have come along to visit from my friend....Mrs Thriftwood blog..
    I am wishing you all the love and light you need right now to see you on your journey..
    Don;'t despair it;'s a lovely world here on blog land!!
    Sending the biggest hugs your way..and wishing you a day full to the brim of twinkles *******
    Love Maria x