Friday, 30 May 2014

My week...

I had plans to make bunting and work in the garden, with louie home this week it kind of threw me out of my routine, i could not work in the garden because of the rain so i just kept things simple for this week.
Earlier this week i managed to have a couple of hours to myself, i needed to make a few errands and found myself in yet another shop looking in the bargain corner for cookery books!
I saw this lovely photo on a cover of a book, and yes it was a beautiful cookery book with the most simple recipes and each page had a vintage flare to it, i told myself i could not afford it and put it back, while i was quietly arguing with myself i picked it up again and looked for the price, oh i thought it was my birthday, it was £1 i could not believe it and to think i was going to walk away from it.
I decided to bake a chocolate cake using one of the recipes,
I was pleased with the results, you use duck eggs and i was one duck egg short :)
This was my cake,
I used my much loved mega mix,
I also made time to make a few homemade concoctions for cleaning a much needed clean oven,
I made a paste and left it overnight using damp kitchen paper,
Look how clean it is now,
I took this photo of myself in my much loved apron,
Tomorrow i plan to do more baking using my much loved new book :)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank holiday weekend...

Well its rained pretty much all weekend!
There is much going on in our little dwelling we call home. Last wednesday i planned to take our jade and milly out for lunch, just as we were walking out the front door my ankle gave way and i fell to the ground, the pain took my breath away for a few seconds.I had to go to hospital and have a xray much to my annoyance but i was grateful it was only a sprained ankle and not a fracture!
Friday louie was booked into hospital to have key hole surgery on his elbow, something he had been putting off for a few months, we are both doing ok, i am limping and louie is walking with arm in a sling, the walking wounded!
We also have two charming young men students staying with us, my first time having boy's and i do think they are easier than girls, they do not seem to have the food issues that young girls have.
I am itching to work out in the garden but instead i have been looking for ideas on pinterest, my first time i have looked on this site, this is what i have found...
I love it and have been thinking about it all day, thinking how to build it, its a must have!! :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

In the garden...

I have been working in the garden these past few day's,i have planted some much loved plants and picked beautiful smelling flowers for the kitchen :)
flowers for the table
This afternoon we had a family get together, zoe's partner cooked on the bbq, it was lovely to be together.
Our daughter zoe has been suffering with hayfever, which is not something she suffers with normally,we just wanted to cheer her up today.
I had bought our Eva and lou lou man a new inflatable swimming pool but realised this morning we did not have the right adapter!
We pumped up their little baby pool, they still seemed to have much fun,

Our jade and ian, jade seems to be blooming in her pregnancy
There was a little sillyness, ian showing the children how to do handstands :)
Lastly this beautiful picture of our Eva with her daddy, she loves him so much,
We have had a lovely day, it feels like summer :)

Friday, 16 May 2014

The last couple of day's...

How lovely have the last couple of day's been, i have been working in the garden and walking our dog over the fields.
This is our lane that leads to open fields
the farmer lets us walk our dogs on his land as long as we stay around the edge.
The cow parsley smelt delightful.
Back home it was time to do rather a lot of weeding and planting new plants, our garden is to big for us to buy all the plants we need and would like,so, every year we add more plants and this spreads the cost over time.
Last weekend louie bought me a tray of foxgloves, one of my favourite plants,
I walk on our lawn bare footed, it felt good, we so often need to be grounded and this is such a good way.

My little corner of the world :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My mums birthday celebration...

My mum is 70 this month and she chose for my sister and i to take her to West mersea island, she loves the sea food there. This was a first for me, we loved it.
West mersea is a working harbour, they have a small shed where their catch is cooked and sold to the public.
This the sign in the window :)
Once inside you there is a very relaxed atmosphere, the decor is very basic with a kind of simplistic charm. You bring your own drinks and bread with you, then you order from the menu which changes daily due to what is caught that day. The sea is just outside the back door!
My mum and i shared a plate of oysters, they were delightful,
My sister had scallops, they looked mouth watering :)
We all had the tiger prawns, the aroma was amazing!
When i was expecting our milly i took a liking for jellied eels and have loved then ever since,so, it goes without saying i just had to try them.
We thanked God for our time together and the lovely food on our table.
After our bellies were full we headed for the beach,

I take a paddle in the sea in my wellies
My sister took this photo of me,
This was a beautiful day and we are ever grateful to be together x

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I am allowed to tell...

My two big girls Zoe and jade are BOTH expecting babies, their due dates are three days apart!! They are both due to have their babies in november.We are all so very excited, i just wanted to share these photos of them, my two lovely big girls xx

Thursday, 8 May 2014

May days...

A catch up over the last few days...
I have been working out in the garden on those lovely sunny days we had last week, i have started to plant a small orchard, so far we have cherry,plums,apples,quince and a pear :)

Look at our lovely cherries, we have two trees and i am going to net them this year as the birds seem to get there first!
Our Eva and lou lou man (grandchildren) came over for a sleep over, they played on the swing under our apple tree, we cooked supper over a camp fire on the land at the bottom of our garden.
We had so much fun, little lou lou man is 6 this month he is such a sweet sensitive little man.
Lou lou man helped build the camp fire while our Eva helped with the cooking, lou lou man took these photos with my camera, i did not notice him clicking away:))))))

We start our cooking and this little girl felt so grown up, she told me this is the best day at nanies

I love this photo of our Eva, she forgot she had put a flower in her hair
they play with their ga
Today i have finished my chores, i am slowly spring cleaning, wishing you a lovely evening :) x