Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank holiday weekend...

Well its rained pretty much all weekend!
There is much going on in our little dwelling we call home. Last wednesday i planned to take our jade and milly out for lunch, just as we were walking out the front door my ankle gave way and i fell to the ground, the pain took my breath away for a few seconds.I had to go to hospital and have a xray much to my annoyance but i was grateful it was only a sprained ankle and not a fracture!
Friday louie was booked into hospital to have key hole surgery on his elbow, something he had been putting off for a few months, we are both doing ok, i am limping and louie is walking with arm in a sling, the walking wounded!
We also have two charming young men students staying with us, my first time having boy's and i do think they are easier than girls, they do not seem to have the food issues that young girls have.
I am itching to work out in the garden but instead i have been looking for ideas on pinterest, my first time i have looked on this site, this is what i have found...
I love it and have been thinking about it all day, thinking how to build it, its a must have!! :)


  1. I'm so glad you weren't hurt worse!! You two will just have to take care of one another!! I bet having the guys around is a nice change!! Oh, I LOVE Pinterest!!

  2. I love the archway with the birdhouses. I hope you get to build one when you are both feeling better. My goodness what terrible luck twisting your ankle like that. And your husband's arm, my goodness. I hope you heal soon. Take care.

  3. I guess you have just got to get lots of different size bird houses, or talk someone into making them! I do love rows of houses too. I guess life is asking you to take it easy for a while, hope all is well, Heather x