Sunday, 18 May 2014

In the garden...

I have been working in the garden these past few day's,i have planted some much loved plants and picked beautiful smelling flowers for the kitchen :)
flowers for the table
This afternoon we had a family get together, zoe's partner cooked on the bbq, it was lovely to be together.
Our daughter zoe has been suffering with hayfever, which is not something she suffers with normally,we just wanted to cheer her up today.
I had bought our Eva and lou lou man a new inflatable swimming pool but realised this morning we did not have the right adapter!
We pumped up their little baby pool, they still seemed to have much fun,

Our jade and ian, jade seems to be blooming in her pregnancy
There was a little sillyness, ian showing the children how to do handstands :)
Lastly this beautiful picture of our Eva with her daddy, she loves him so much,
We have had a lovely day, it feels like summer :)


  1. Looks like a fabulous day with the family. The children are delightful. ENJOY! I love your pretty table and lovely canopy to sit it under.

  2. These days are simply the best ones..LOVELY!
    Hugs Maria x