Thursday, 8 May 2014

May days...

A catch up over the last few days...
I have been working out in the garden on those lovely sunny days we had last week, i have started to plant a small orchard, so far we have cherry,plums,apples,quince and a pear :)

Look at our lovely cherries, we have two trees and i am going to net them this year as the birds seem to get there first!
Our Eva and lou lou man (grandchildren) came over for a sleep over, they played on the swing under our apple tree, we cooked supper over a camp fire on the land at the bottom of our garden.
We had so much fun, little lou lou man is 6 this month he is such a sweet sensitive little man.
Lou lou man helped build the camp fire while our Eva helped with the cooking, lou lou man took these photos with my camera, i did not notice him clicking away:))))))

We start our cooking and this little girl felt so grown up, she told me this is the best day at nanies

I love this photo of our Eva, she forgot she had put a flower in her hair
they play with their ga
Today i have finished my chores, i am slowly spring cleaning, wishing you a lovely evening :) x

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  1. Looks like fun with the children. I bet the trees will bear lots of fruit. Your garden is lovely.