Friday, 30 May 2014

My week...

I had plans to make bunting and work in the garden, with louie home this week it kind of threw me out of my routine, i could not work in the garden because of the rain so i just kept things simple for this week.
Earlier this week i managed to have a couple of hours to myself, i needed to make a few errands and found myself in yet another shop looking in the bargain corner for cookery books!
I saw this lovely photo on a cover of a book, and yes it was a beautiful cookery book with the most simple recipes and each page had a vintage flare to it, i told myself i could not afford it and put it back, while i was quietly arguing with myself i picked it up again and looked for the price, oh i thought it was my birthday, it was £1 i could not believe it and to think i was going to walk away from it.
I decided to bake a chocolate cake using one of the recipes,
I was pleased with the results, you use duck eggs and i was one duck egg short :)
This was my cake,
I used my much loved mega mix,
I also made time to make a few homemade concoctions for cleaning a much needed clean oven,
I made a paste and left it overnight using damp kitchen paper,
Look how clean it is now,
I took this photo of myself in my much loved apron,
Tomorrow i plan to do more baking using my much loved new book :)


  1. I'm so glad you got the cookbook at a nice price. ENJOY experimenting with the recipes in it. That cake looks so delicious.

  2. the chocolate cake looks fabulous!! Heather x

  3. I love cookbooks!! I couldn't possibly tell you how many I have! Guessing...I'd say 50+. That cake looks so gooooooood!!