Friday, 16 May 2014

The last couple of day's...

How lovely have the last couple of day's been, i have been working in the garden and walking our dog over the fields.
This is our lane that leads to open fields
the farmer lets us walk our dogs on his land as long as we stay around the edge.
The cow parsley smelt delightful.
Back home it was time to do rather a lot of weeding and planting new plants, our garden is to big for us to buy all the plants we need and would like,so, every year we add more plants and this spreads the cost over time.
Last weekend louie bought me a tray of foxgloves, one of my favourite plants,
I walk on our lawn bare footed, it felt good, we so often need to be grounded and this is such a good way.

My little corner of the world :)


  1. Your little corner of the world is beautiful. ENJOY!

  2. hmm, I don't think I have been bare foot in the garden enough yet! Will try and remedy that this weekend. Heather x

  3. I agree!! Your corner of the world is beautiful!!! Oh how I love flowers!!