Friday, 10 January 2014

What to do?

Our first students of the year have arrived, we have three fifteen year olds, two young girls from chile and one girl from Brazil. I am having small issue's regarding food, when they arrived i ask them if there is any food they do not like, i take all this on board. The girl's have been here nearly a week and they do not seem to be finishing their evening meal! There seem's to be alot of wasted food and in these times i do not like to waste good food, so i gently spoke with them and they asked for smaller portion's, ok i thought, this may be the answer. Tonight i laid the table pretty,i put nice crusty bread in the centre, i gave them a shepherds pie with a herby potato topping and fresh sweet carrots from a local farm. Not one carrot eaten and yet again one particular student leaves half her dinner!!!
  I have tried them with pasta,roast lamb, burgers and sausages, maybe it's been such awhile since my older children were at home that i might have lost touch with what teenager's want to eat, any suggestions?
Today my dear friend Kate and i went for a walk, the weather was perfect,

The sun was shinning through the tree's and the earth smelt so sweet.
In the distance i could hear gun shot's,
There was a pheasant shoot in the next field, we love eating this game.
I have decided starting next week i am going to make homemade bread every other day, sorry if i have had a bit of a moan tonight. x
Oh i forget to tell you while looking in the freezer at the farm shop i briefly met Stephen Mcgann, the doctor in "call the midwife" which just happens to be one of my favourite programs :)