Sunday, 12 January 2014

My mum saves the day...

I am really trying to food shop wisely, save money where i can and put more homemade dinner's on the table. Our Jade and i decided to  try bulk buying where we can stock up the freezer, you spend alittle more money upfront but hopefully the food will last longer, which in turn i hope to save money.
This is jade working out our bargin buy's! I am a little nervous that i can manage my shopping in this way,
 I bought this cheese and cut it up to freeze,
I will need alot of cheese recipes :)
I bought this lovely book to help me with my bread making,
this morning i blitzed all my stale bread into bread crumbs for the freezer,
Today our students went to Stratford, so i made them a pasta bake,
I spoke with my mum this evening and i told her of my woe's about cooking the right food for the student's, i took on board what she said,so, when the girls arrived home i spoke with them about their everyday life back home. Food is very repetitive and some what bland, they tell me they are enjoying the food but somethings they have never eaten before,with this knowledge i now know i have to step back and let these young girl's experience our culture.
I spent the morning cleaning in my higgledy piggledy kitchen :)
This is my baking cupboard that got a makeover,
Well its getting late now so i had better think about going to my lovely comfy bed and dreaming sweet dreams, goodnight x