Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine Day...

louie and i last summer
I wanted to make a  small effort to show louie how much i love him, we tell each other everyday but sometimes just a small act of kindness out of the usual can be so uplifting. I decided to bake him a chocolate fudge cake, i had some duck eggs and i do believe they are the best eggs for cake baking.
I bought this recipe book from a charity shop for 99 pence, i carefully weigh out my ingredients,
i so enjoyed this time in the kitchen, i was listening to my christian radio station listening to a friendly debate on a womans role in the marriage.
 With two students staying with us at the moment, i hoped everyone would enjoy a slice or two :)
Valentine morning, louie made me a cup of tea in bed and told me to close my he says, and there he stood holding this beautiful picture, i had seen it a month ago while we were out shopping. Louie had offered to buy it for me but we had the tax bill to pay and louie needed a new works van, i just could not justify spending much needed money on pretty pictures, but,this lovely man remembered it and went back and bought it for me i was so touched. Hope you all had a lovely day :)