Sunday, 16 February 2014

Just browsing...

Last night i sat cozy infront of our woodburner sipping root beer and nibbling walnuts, i was just browsing through some photo's of last year. I just wanted to share some with you,
This is our Jade, (we call her dolly), jade is our middle daughter, she is kind, so funny and very hard working, such a beautiful young lady inside and out :)
This is our Milly (we call her La), our Milly is intelligent, very funny, pragmatic and so calm, she immediately makes you feel at ease in her company, such a beauty :)
 This is our Zoe, our eldest daughter, she is strong, so caring. Zoe is an amazing mother, doing her best on a daily basis to raise her children in God's word, we all adore her, a natural beauty in every thing she does :)
Loving them xxx