Monday, 9 February 2015

One of the nicest of days...

I woke this morning feeling a little anxious, I had planned to give our family bathroom a good spring clean, its milly's bathroom really as no body else uses it.
While drinking my morning cuppa I decided to try to enjoy the daily chores I had in mind to do, I guess I am starting my spring cleaning of our home.
Once I got started my mind just drifted off into thought and I mentally made notes of other little jobs that needed doing, this bought me to late morning.
I decided to light the the stove in our kitchen a little earlier than normal so it was cosy and warm.
I have been meditating each morning and am so surprised how powerful this can be, I use a CD to guide me, when I finished my meditation I decided to put on my wellies and take our dog for a walk, it was only down the lane as the fields still look abit daunting to me but I took today's walk as progress.
A couple of years ago my eldest daughter bought me a lovely digital camera for Christmas, last week zoe asked me why I do not take photo's anymore, I cannot answer this but I have decided to take it out the draw and start by just taking photo's of around our home.
I am also reading a small pocket book on keeping hen's, louie wants us to have hen's this year so I am doing my research :) Any advice would be much welcome, I think we are going to chose sussex hens.
I have also been reading Tasha Tudor a woman after my own heart, I noticed she also wrote a cookbook so I have ordered a second hand one from amazon, it is being mailed from America and states that the previous owner has made notes in it, this just makes it all the more exciting, so I await for this to drop through the letter box!
I have no photo's today, but I am thankfully for the enthusiasm to want to write my blog today. I have really enjoyed my day, now dinner is cooking in the oven and I wait for louie to come home from work and tell me about his day, I am thankful x


  1. Sounds good, hope I catch it, too.

  2. Meditation is a wonderful thing. It really clears the mind. I am glad you are going to be taking photographs again. Good luck with the hens.