Thursday, 28 May 2015

I am changing...

Over the years when the children lived at home, I tried various different jobs to try and earn a small income in some way.
I knew since a young age that my heart belonged to my family and keeping home, I was always painting & decorating or trying to give something old and unloved a new lease of life and a purpose.
I have always liked a nice home, good down to earth food, home baked when my time allowed.
It was in my thirties that anxiety reared its ugly head and has controlled a number of my years, looking back I was trying to be wonder woman. When ever asked what did I do for a living I was very uncomfortable saying I was a mother, housewife for fear of people thinking I was lazy or that we had lots of money and I did not need to work.
These last few months I have felt a stirring in me, my daily routine is changing, my beliefs are becoming more meaningful.
The way I food shop has taken a massive turn around, for years I would only use certain shops as they were familiar! Not now, I give myself a budget, I shop around, plan my weekly menu' s. This might sound very boring and nothing you have not read before but I am loving it :) The thrill when I come across a bargain, feeling a sense of achievement when my baking comes together, nurturing my vegetables in the raised bed's. There is nothing to be uncomfortable about owning up to being a housewife, its hard work, rewarding and challenging.
My anxiety levels have really reduced and most days are now care free but life is a lot slower and and I have a much better routine in my daily life.
I know I will always have to manage my anxiety, I am learning.
I roasted  some sweet tomatoes, courgettes, red onion and garlic, I added vegetable stock, gave it a blitz in the blender, then strained it. It made a lovey soup,
Oat crunchies
My kitchen window, I erected this fencing we had laying in the garage, I needed a support for the rose bush.

My bargain buys today, all for under £10, I use to always use the same brands but not now ;-)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Slowly slowly...

Today has been my first day of baking since Friday, I am still waking with a slight headache. The nausea and dizziness did not come on me until this afternoon, I am getting more of my day back with each passing day.
This morning I baked a peach tart, I used tinned peaches, I had some pastry I had made a while ago in the freezer (I used an Amish recipe for the pastry), I defrosted the pastry in the fridge over night.

There is a shop nearby that has a delivery of fresh baked bread twice a week, once the bread goes stale it makes lovely bread crumbs!
I have been reading a blog called "Down to Earth", I used one of her recipes for sweet potato and tinned salmon fish cakes, I changed it slightly to improvise with what I had.
I steamed the sweet potatoes and once cooked I mashed them, then I drained and added a large tin of red salmon, one finely chopped onion, one medium sweet red pepper and salt & pepper.
I did not have any breadcrumbs and my crusty bread was too fresh, so I had a few slices of toasting bread, I put the oven on the lowest setting, put three slices in a baking tray and left them to dry in the oven for forty minutes turning them over half way through.

After a good blitz in the processor I had lovely dried breadcrumbs, I had added parsley before I blitzed.
I gently fried the fish cakes in vegetable oil, for some reason I cannot upload any more pictures on this post but louie assures me they tasted lovely :)





Saturday, 23 May 2015

Labyrinthitis is back!

Dizziness and nausea came back, doctor prescribed strong anti sickness tablets which make me slow!
No eggs to bake a cake, cancelled bank holiday plans:(
Good news, louie is going to do a grocery shop, I have a good book, dizziness is slowing down.:)
Have a lovely weekend x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A day at home...

Today I spent the day at home, I know I post pictures of my washing line drying but I truly never get tired of seeing lovely clean laundry drying in the fresh air :)
The sun was shining this morning, I took this photo from my kitchen door,
I made leek & stilton tarts, I softened the leeks in butter and left them to cool down...

I made the walnut pastry again, I crush my walnuts in a freezer bag with a rolling pin,
Photo' s of the garden this afternoon...
It' s hard to believe these will be our lettuces,
My pot of lillies
Just inside our garage a robin has made a nest inside a plastic bag that is hanging up, I watch through the window, the male bird flying in and out feeding the female while she sits on her eggs.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

An afternoon with our Jade and Oscar...

This morning I set about making my scones, I decided to make smaller scones using my 3 inch cutter, louie tell' s me he prefer' s them slightly smaller.
I use a glass tray to roll my dough on and I use it for pastry, I keep this tray in the freezer all the time, so its always cold when I need it.
My scones, I like to add sultana's to my dough, and once cooked I serve them with raspberry jam and clotted cream.
My daughter Jade, myself and my grandson Oscar went shopping for a while, I needed to buy a new cake tin. With the sun shining I decided to wait out the front of the house for jade to pick me up, I took this photo of our lane outside our home, its bin day today, you can see this in the picture...

Once we returned home Jade set about feeding Oscar, but he was to interested in his nany taking photo' s of him ;)
After Oscar's lunch we had gentle playtime on the floor...
He has learnt to roll over...
This little man is such a happy little boy, I adore him, he brings us so much joy.
It's time for his bottle, but nany is still taking photo's!
He is getting sleepy :)
Before I knew it, it was time to think about starting dinner, so I went in the garden and picked some fresh parsley and chives, I finely chopped them together and added this to some cream cheese. I cut an envelope into some chicken breasts and filled them with the cream cheese and wrapped them in smoky bacon.
I also bought a book today, it was reduced to £4, it has some lovely recipes and instructions on how to freeze your food. I have had a lovely day :)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday morning...

Yesterday I made ice cream using an ice cream maker, to be honest I was not impressed with it, so last night I found a recipe where I could make ice cream without the machine and no freeze churning.
This morning I set about my baking, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with lemon cheesecake.
I use my free standing mixer to whip up my egg whites

I make the biscuit base for my cheesecake...
My cheesecake split and I know why, after its cooked you turn off the oven, open the door slightly and leave for an hour, I at this point decided to go hoover upstairs and take a shower!!! I left it to long in the oven cooling down.
I served our cheesecake with a blueberry syrup that I made sometime ago and kept in the freezer, homemade ice cream. Louie loved it he had two helpings.

I think its scones tomorrow and some window cleaning :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday at home...

We spent the day at home, I made homemade strawberry ice cream, put washing on the line and pottered about our garden.
We work on our garden project.
My day in photo's...

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Feeling better :)

I woke this morning with a slight headache but thankfully no dizziness, louie told me not to rush about and save my energy. I really wanted to home bake as there was not a bit of cake in the house.
After breakfast I put the radio on low and decided my oven needed a clean, I try to keep on top of this, to be honest its not a job I detest, I get a lot of satisfaction from keeping my oven clean as I use it so much.
One dirty oven...
While I start cleaning I leave the racks to soak in the sink in hot water and a couple of scoops of "oxygen" the powder you put in with your laundry detergent.
I use this cleaner, its brilliant...
I decided to bake an apple cake,
I was pleased, nice and moist...
I needed to make something for tea, I used a Mary Berry recipe to guide me but I had to improvise with ingredients as I had not done my weekly food shop this week.
Cream cheese tarts with caramelised red onions and walnut pastry...
After a chill in the fridge, time to line the bottom with the onion mixture...
Now for the cream mixture on top...
Pop them in a hot oven for 20 minutes...
My messy kitchen...
Once I cleaned up I just wanted to spend some time in the garden, a little weeding on the raised beds, I sowed some more spring onions, beetroot and radishes.
Our pea's are coming on and I actually picked radishes to have with our salad tonight.