Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A day at home...

Today I spent the day at home, I know I post pictures of my washing line drying but I truly never get tired of seeing lovely clean laundry drying in the fresh air :)
The sun was shining this morning, I took this photo from my kitchen door,
I made leek & stilton tarts, I softened the leeks in butter and left them to cool down...

I made the walnut pastry again, I crush my walnuts in a freezer bag with a rolling pin,
Photo' s of the garden this afternoon...
It' s hard to believe these will be our lettuces,
My pot of lillies
Just inside our garage a robin has made a nest inside a plastic bag that is hanging up, I watch through the window, the male bird flying in and out feeding the female while she sits on her eggs.


  1. interesting place to build a nest!....and the garden's looking well look after! X

  2. Nothing smells as fresh as sunshine dried wind blown laundry

  3. There is nothing as sweet as fresh air drying out clothes on a line. Wish I had one. Your leek & stilton tarts sound delicious. I think that is the most unusual place I have ever seen a bird's nest. How interesting.