Tuesday, 19 May 2015

An afternoon with our Jade and Oscar...

This morning I set about making my scones, I decided to make smaller scones using my 3 inch cutter, louie tell' s me he prefer' s them slightly smaller.
I use a glass tray to roll my dough on and I use it for pastry, I keep this tray in the freezer all the time, so its always cold when I need it.
My scones, I like to add sultana's to my dough, and once cooked I serve them with raspberry jam and clotted cream.
My daughter Jade, myself and my grandson Oscar went shopping for a while, I needed to buy a new cake tin. With the sun shining I decided to wait out the front of the house for jade to pick me up, I took this photo of our lane outside our home, its bin day today, you can see this in the picture...

Once we returned home Jade set about feeding Oscar, but he was to interested in his nany taking photo' s of him ;)
After Oscar's lunch we had gentle playtime on the floor...
He has learnt to roll over...
This little man is such a happy little boy, I adore him, he brings us so much joy.
It's time for his bottle, but nany is still taking photo's!
He is getting sleepy :)
Before I knew it, it was time to think about starting dinner, so I went in the garden and picked some fresh parsley and chives, I finely chopped them together and added this to some cream cheese. I cut an envelope into some chicken breasts and filled them with the cream cheese and wrapped them in smoky bacon.
I also bought a book today, it was reduced to £4, it has some lovely recipes and instructions on how to freeze your food. I have had a lovely day :)

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  1. What big eyes Oscar has. What a sweet little boy. Your daughter is a beauty too. The scones look delicious but so does that chicken dinner you made. YUMMY! I'll have to try it.