Saturday, 9 May 2015

Its been awhile...

I finally make time to give to my blog, I follow my fellow bloggers weekly but just do not seem to give myself time to write.
Life has been full of daily baking, something I truly love to do for my family. After I wash breakfast dishes I set to start my baking before my cleaning chores start, I choose a recipe the night before.


I have also decided to grow vegetables in raised beds, our soil is heavy clay so I decided raised beds was an easier option.
I made the raised beds frame myself and ordered top soil in, louie barrowed the soil in the beds.
My dad was laying the newspaper in the bottom of the bed,
These pictures are a month or so old, I will show recent photos next time as I have planted plenty of vegetables.
Day to day living is kept as simple as I can keep it, I feel happy :)


  1. hello, nice to see you! simple living sounds good. Look forward to seeing the raised beds in action, I've never heard of using newspaper at the bottom, but really I don't know very much about that! x

  2. It is nice to see you back here blogging. Your baked goods sound delicious. I bet your home smells heavenly when they are in the oven. Enjoy.