Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunflowers :)

What a beautiful sunny day, I could not wait to get my jobs done this morning, making beds, washing dishes, putting laundry in the washing machine, hanging washing on the line etc etc.
Finally I head for the garage to find my hand trowel and kneeling pad, my tray of  sunflowers are ready for me to dig in the garden, I sowed these from seed.
Here are a few pictures I took today...

These are my potatoes I planted, I chose "Belle de Fontenay" , you can also see a row of lettuces coming through.
I have planted a row of radishes, beetroot, spring onions and another row of lettuces. You can see my peas' s coming up at the back.
Louie cuts the grass and strims around the edges of the raised beds to keep them looking tidy.

Washing drying on the line, summer is here :)
I plant out our sunflower plants, I mixed them with the "Hollyhocks", the sunflowers are called "Russian Giants".
This is my little nature reserve that I keep slightly over grown on our land at the bottom of our garden, I need to work down there this week and give it a little TLC.
I am also growing lilly trees from bulbs planted in pots outside our kitchen window. x


  1. What a lovely garden you have. It will yield many delicious treats.

  2. I loved seeing the raised beds in your last post and they look wonderful planted up xx