Thursday, 18 June 2015

Buried Treasure...

I dug up the first of my new potatoes this afternoon, the sun was shining, I got down on my hands and knees with my little hand shovel :) The soil in our raised bed was so crumbly I felt pure contentment!

I lightly steamed the potatoes and served them with sea bass and a shrimp sauce, I could rub the skins off with my finger. I took this picture as I was walking down from the garden back to the house.
Yesterday I made homemade burgers and coffee and walnut butterfly buns.

I went grocery shopping today, I wrote a shopping list and kept to it, todays shopping was a little more expensive than my normal shop but I needed to stock up on cupboard items, hopefully if I plan my daily menu's I will save money in the long run. I am so focused on changing my shopping habits.
Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment but I hope to make homemade strawberry ice cream, homemade pizza, milly got to choose this weeks topping...chicken ,parma ham ,mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.
I also hope to make my laundry liquid this weekend, I also have my grandchildren's school fete.
I just wanted to share with those who suffer with anxiety or just simply get over whelmed these changes I am making, the cooking, making cleaning products and growing kitchen vegetables are having such a calming effect.
I guess as they say, I am starting to own my own power, I am grateful :)


  1. Every thing sounds wonderful. It's always seems to take better when you have grown it.

  2. owning your own power is a wonderful thing. i like that idea. the potatoes look fine, indeed. all that food makes me hungry. yum. yum.