Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Everyday living...

Oh gosh the heat!! I do love british summer time but going through the menopause in this heat can become testing :))
Louie came home for lunch yesterday and saw me struggling with the heat and flushes, I think he felt sorry for me, he went in the garage and had a rummage around then ventured out with this filthy dusty fan that I did not know we had. After a good clean I realised it was the fan I bought my nan years ago, its a well made one and came up sparkling...

Sunday afternoon our student arrived to rent our spare room until august, its a way for me to earn an extra income. I  have to provide bed, breakfast and an evening meal,  I spent sunday morning making a fresh bed and airing the room, I keep it basic but clean and comfortable.

This is the view looking out of the bedroom window,

We are now eating our lettuces, spring onions, beetroot and our courgettes and peas are looking promising.
Tomorrow is going to be very hot, I am going to spring clean our bedroom and bathroom, these rooms are very cool so I will make my homemade cleaning products and take my time.
Best wishes x


  1. That fan will definitely help in the heat. Having an extra income is always helpful. Stay as cool as you can tomorrow. Take care.

  2. Fans are a must in this weather.

    Great that you could rent out a room to help with expenses.

    Have a blessed day

  3. what a great vintage fan! good for Louie. X