Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Natural Cleaners...

I have really got the bug for making my homemade cleaners, I have also been reading just how damaging shop bought cleaners and detergents are, I am alarmed!!
This morning I needed to deep clean Millys bathroom, I used cleaners I had made with products I have in my pantry, I am amazed at the results :)
Here are some pictures after my new cleaning regime...

I used tea tree oil in my cleaner, I think the homemade cleaners give a better shine when you buff it up after the clean :)


  1. I like the view in your header.

    Natural is great and does not affect you or the environment so much. I have been battling a lime deposit with vinegar and not having much luck.

    The bathroom is sparkling!

  2. I think it's marvelous you are going natural with your cleansers. I find it interesting you put tea tree oil in them. My husband uses that on his toenails.