Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Salad Days...

Today I pulled our first beetroot and lettuce, we have been eating radish's for a while.
Our beetroot was a small golf ball size. How life has changed, when I was gently boiling the beetroot the kitchen smelt so earthy but with a sweetness, I stood and thought how this time last year I was waking EVERY morning feeling panicky, the thought of spending all day at home on my own was filling me with dread! Then I made small changes, and at the beginning the changes had to be small so I did not get overwhelmed.
Today I flow through my day and sometimes there does not seem to be enough  hours in the day for the jobs I would like to do, when I feel like this I know I need to slow down and remind myself what does not get done today will wait for another.
When I set myself a chore I try to concentrate on that one job and now teach myself to enjoy what I am doing even if its me on my hands and knees washing floors. I have to say to anyone suffering with anxiety that baking was a big help to my recovery, I would look at (and still do) recipe books and choose a simple recipe to make the next morning, I started off making scones :)
This would give me a beginning to my day, I would put the radio on low and just try to learn to enjoy the moment.
Our beetroot gently simmering

I also baked a peach tart


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  1. Your garden yields so many treasures. I am glad your days are filled with things you enjoy doing. It makes the time go fast I am sure.