Friday, 31 July 2015

Bread and Cheese...

Today Louie had various errands to do so he booked a day off work, something he hardly ever does. I had planned to go visit our Zoe so it made sense for Louie to drop me off and pick me back up after he had finished his business. I had a lovely morning with my grandchildren, Eva (my granddaughter) wanted me to show her how to make some of my cleaning concoctions, she was so interested and started helping to clean her mama's kitchen.
Time went so quick, the next thing Louie arrived to pick me up and head for home. As soon as I arrived home I went into the garden to collect my washing off the line, when I walked back in the kitchen Louie had set out a little feast on the table...rustic style :)
He used odd plates and cutlery, while out he had bought some lovely crusty bread, stilton cheese (my favourite!) brie and a jar of red onion chutney and some little sweet tomatoes, what a lovely surprise, bless him.
After our little feast we had a cuppa tea and had a lay down, Louie was reading the newspaper and I snuggled up close to him thinking life does not get better than this, a belly full of lovely food snuggled up to the man I love. Day's like this take us out of our routine and do not happen often which makes them so precious. I feel truly blessed. x

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Today I spent the day Homemaking, there was plenty to do but I just took my time and enjoyed making our home clean and tidy and feeling very cosy.
I started with Millys laundry wash, her muddy clothes that she bought home from the music festival at the weekend,
Still on the matter of laundry, I soak Louie's  work shirts over night in another homemade concoction,
I steam clean the microwave, I fill a bowl of hot water, add the juice of half a lemon including the lemon in the bowl, then I put the microwave on for a minute and half, when finished don't open the door leave it for a least five minutes then rinse clean with hot water and clean cloth.

Once kitchen is tidy I set about making peanut butter cookies :)
I deep clean our en suite bathroom, I love this little room off our bedroom, I gave the tiles a good wipe down with my squirty bottle half filled with apple cider vinegar and water, buffed up with a dry cloth they shine.
This afternoon I pulled some of our carrots for tea and noticed we have cucumbers,
This evening we had a surprise visit from our Zoe, Eliza and lou lou man,
A wonderful busy day x

Monday, 27 July 2015

Food for the table...

Well our girl Milly is home, we picked her up a day early (sunday) as it rained heavy all weekend and the festival became seriously muddy, its lovely to have her back safe and sound.
I am still pulling lettuces from our raised beds, we are down to the last of our beetroot, I need to sow some more seeds weather permitting. I had a lovely surprise this afternoon, I went to pull a lettuce for tea and I just wondered if our carrots were ready, so I pulled one, it was perfect! Milly and I shared it, I just rinsed it under cold water and we enjoyed it raw, it tasted so sweet :)
Our lettuce for tea;
I have started to take "Braggs apple cider vinegar" diluted in water twice a day, I have known about it for sometime and recently researched it, there seems to be lots of benefits.
Today was a busy day, Monday's I change bed sheets and give the large bathroom a deep clean, I am still using the no chemical routine and loving the results.
I ordered a book by a lady called Connie Hultquist, " Dear Kitchen Saints" I read it all weekend and have now finished it, such a lovely read and so inspiring, this lady has certainly known hardship in her life but never gave up on her faith she has a wonderful hillbilly humour.
Our granddaughter Eliza came over Saturday afternoon with her mama, I took this photo, I am so humbled that my grandchildren love our home.
This lovely little girl is a beauty, she has a big day soon, she is to be baptised.
Well it will be time for bed soon, last night I lay in bed listening to the chickens across the road :)
God Bless x

Friday, 24 July 2015

Thinking of my girl...

Yesterday when we dropped our girl off at the dropping off point at the festival the sun was shining down on the barley fields, blue skies a beautiful day.
Now I love all weathers and I feel everyday is a blessing but when I woke this morning to the
rain my first waking thought was of our girl Milly, was she cold? wet? hungry?
I had many jobs in the home today, first thing first I needed to make my homemade laundry liquid, also my eldest girl Zoe gave me my granddaughter Eva's christening dress, it still had the stains on it from her christening EIGHT years ago!!!
Zoe asked me if I can make a concoction to clean this little dress so our Eliza can wear it in a few weeks for her christening...No pressure there then :)
While this little dress is soaking I set about baking a pear cake, I bought a large bag of very ripe pears for £1 yesterday. My thoughts are still of Milly , late morning she calls me, I miss her.
She asks me what am I doing, thinking of you my little darling baking a cake, she laughs at her mama.
While cake is baking I make my parmesan cheese and chive pastry, I am making a cheese and tomato tart. I eventually make a start of sorting my books, keepers and charity shop.
The above picture is of our garden this evening, its still raining!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Our little girl...

Now our Milly is our baby, we have four children and she is the youngest, as a tiny tot she was so clingy to me I often wondered if the umbilical cord had ever been cut :).
Milly is the sweetest young woman and a very thoughtful and loving daughter, she is now 20 years old, how time flies.
To our amazement over the last three years our girl has become a bit of a festival gal, she has always loved camping ( something we as a family never done), she has saved over the last few months for a ticket to go to a certain festival and today is the day. Louie took time out of his lunch time to take her and her friend, she is meeting many friends there and they have all made their way with different lifts and public transport. I went with louie to keep him company on the way back, luckily louie was working in our village today, it took us two hours to take her and get back home.
This is the girls ready to leave in the front garden,

We arrive and its time to unpack the car, the festival is for four days I think they have taken to much,

I know he feels emotional letting his baby girl to fly on her own in the big wide world ,

Off they go :)

When I arrived home my two big girls were waiting at the house with their lovely babies, we had a fun hour or two and in that time I found the video button on my camera (a Christmas present from our Zoe) so here is my first homemade video...

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blessings in Church...

This morning I went to church, our village church is very quaint and I think rather beautiful.
Please do not think I go to church every sunday as I do not go as much as I should but I aim to change this.
I don't know if you get the calling to attend church or maybe it is something you were raised to do.
I have had my faith from a very young age I kept most of my beliefs a secret as I was not bought up in a home where God was discussed.
I found my faith when I attended my junior school, my nan also had faith but would tell me she did not have to attend church to have faith. As a child I would go to a church and pray but not tell anyone, as I have grown older I have become very open with my beliefs and God is spoken about daily in my home today.
I took this photo of our church this morning...
This morning was a congregation of about thirty people, the service was very comforting.
There is so much to be grateful for. x

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Our Home this evening...

Look who came to visit us this evening...
Our Zoe lives the other side of town and Jade lives in a village on the edge of town, we seem to live exactly half way between them so our home has become everyone's meeting point, how lucky are we :)
The babies seem to have swapped mama's,

Our Lou lou man is playing a game on my computer, his dada is strict about him spending to much time on the computer but he was allowed to play a game while the babies got their pajamas on and had their bottles.

I tried to take a photo of my Lillie tree's that I grow in a pot near my kitchen window, the scent is beautiful...
I finished my book this afternoon by Mrs White, I thought she writes beautifully, I feel a little lost without her :)
Best Wishes x

Thursday, 16 July 2015


I have been keeping myself busy, my homemade cleaning just keeps on amazing me with every new potion I make, Louie and Milly say they are impressed with their laundry, so soft and fresh.
These are not really new potions they are what Housewife's used in time gone by. I ordered three books from Amazon (second hand) two of them came this week, I am reading Mother's Book of Home Economics, I cannot put it down in my reading time.
Mrs White the lady who wrote the book is such an inspiration, she also has a blog called "The Legacy of Home blog", please take a look and see what you think.

I love this photo of my freshly ironed tea towels :)

Today I met up with my three daughter's and my two youngest grandchildren,

Our Oscar and Eliza

These dear little babies bring me such joy, Oscar is such a happy little man and our Eliza is such a funny little girl, just look at her,
Our Jade bought Oscar to our house tonight to see his ga (granddad), while I cooked Louie tea Jade got Oscar ready for bed, he falls asleep on the way home in the car and Jade puts him to bed.
Best Wishes x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday's facts and figures...

This morning I decided to make Smoked Mackerel Pate, I had some mackerel in the fridge left over from earlier in the week which I did not want to go to waste.
I whizzed up the fish with some cream cheese, butter and lemon juice,

My mega-mix whips it lovely and smooth

I made some Devilled eggs, salad and toasted slices of French crusty bread and spread the pate on top with a squirt of lemon, there is enough left for Louies pack lunch tomorrow.

I managed to pick another bowl of our pea's in the pods, Milly (my youngest daughter) helped me shell them with a cuppa tea :)

This afternoon when the house was quite I put pen to paper, over the last six day's I have kept my shopping receipts for all my grocery shopping. I divided my receipts into grocery, cleaning & toiletries, dairy, meat/fish and veg. Over the last six days I have spent £125.00, dairy and meat being the most money spent. Cleaning was very low at £6.16, I smiled to myself as this included toilet rolls, ingredients for my laundry liquid and cleaning products so I am wining here. Vegetables was £11.47 this included fresh fruit and vegetables to have with meals, we are growing our own salad produce in our raised beds, but we only have two beds and space is precious. We will be making four more beds in the autumn. Dairy was £27.68 pence, I do a lot of baking and use a lot of cream, eggs and butter but i need to get this cost down, once I had my figures I compared prices online, I want to keep my quality but I could see the difference in prices, I was really surprised.
I must try not to get to overwhelmed by all the changes I want to make, I guess you start with small steps.
I am enjoying the challenge and I know its for the good in many ways.
Best wishes x

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Photo's from our week...

This morning I wanted to work out in the garden, but I needed to pull my cooker out and clean behind it. This was a bit of a shock it was really grubby, I didn't realise!

Not looking good is it?
I soon whipped up one of my homemade concoctions and hey presto we are clean and fresh again, my homemade cleaner went through my grime effortlessly leaving a lovely fresh scent :)
This week Louie and I took Milly out for the day, she likes the races so we took her to ladies day. We are not having a holiday this year and Milly is off to university in September so we want to spend as much time as possible with her, I love this photo of Milly and her dad...
I am not a very photogenic person but Louie took this photo of me which I liked until I realised I was wearing two pairs of glasses!!
This is Frankie Detorri  riding past on his way up to the starting line.
He Won :)
I am now researching how to make Milly homemade facial wipes that are kind to her skin and chemical free.
Best wishes x



Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pea's in a pod...

I have felt a bit restless today its my third day not baking, I have been so busy with other errands and job's I have let the baking slip.
I had a bit of an eye opener day today, I went out with my daughter jade today for a couple of hours, she needed to exchange some baby clothes at the supermarket.
I took the opportunity to buy some groceries, the shop came to £36!!
This seemed such a lot of money for what I bought, I came home with heavy shoulders.
I have decided from today I am going to keep every shop receipt, I am going to break down what I spend on food, toiletries, cleaning ingredients and so on, then I am going to add it up after one week and then in one month, I need to know my pattern.
I came home and thought there is no cake for after dinner or this evening or louies pack up tomorrow, so I went out in the garden and noticed our pea's were ready, that made me smile.
I managed to pick a colander full,

Louie loved them they were so sweet, I was eating them raw out of the pod while I was picking them :)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Cleaning with a sparkle...

Well I have seriously ditched the cleaning chemicals! I have cleared my cleaning cupboard and my two big girls shared the cleaning products.
I have been researching for two weeks about our cleaning products, I have read how other people make their products but I do believe its a personal matter so I have made my products to suit our families hygiene.
This is what I used to clean our bathrooms, I squeezed some lemon juice in the bi carb soda, I then used the lemon to clean around the taps. I have thrown away the green scouring sponges and I now use the coconut husks I am thrilled with them.
I also use a homemade cleaner using baking powder, this is very powerful if you mix it with liquid soap, I am using Dr Bonners liquid soap as it is natural vegetable oil and essential oils.
Tonight I boiled some of our home grown beetroot to have with our salad, this was the saucepan before I washed it...
I washed my pan with the minimal of effort using my cleaner,

Ta dah!!!
I cant tell you how much better homemade cleaners are, the results are amazing and the cleaners deodorize any kitchen smells.
Now for the kitchen sink, this is before the clean...
A clean and a buff and it sparkles :)
I am so impressed with the laundry liquid I have made but I will save that for another day, best wishes x