Friday, 31 July 2015

Bread and Cheese...

Today Louie had various errands to do so he booked a day off work, something he hardly ever does. I had planned to go visit our Zoe so it made sense for Louie to drop me off and pick me back up after he had finished his business. I had a lovely morning with my grandchildren, Eva (my granddaughter) wanted me to show her how to make some of my cleaning concoctions, she was so interested and started helping to clean her mama's kitchen.
Time went so quick, the next thing Louie arrived to pick me up and head for home. As soon as I arrived home I went into the garden to collect my washing off the line, when I walked back in the kitchen Louie had set out a little feast on the table...rustic style :)
He used odd plates and cutlery, while out he had bought some lovely crusty bread, stilton cheese (my favourite!) brie and a jar of red onion chutney and some little sweet tomatoes, what a lovely surprise, bless him.
After our little feast we had a cuppa tea and had a lay down, Louie was reading the newspaper and I snuggled up close to him thinking life does not get better than this, a belly full of lovely food snuggled up to the man I love. Day's like this take us out of our routine and do not happen often which makes them so precious. I feel truly blessed. x

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