Saturday, 18 July 2015

Our Home this evening...

Look who came to visit us this evening...
Our Zoe lives the other side of town and Jade lives in a village on the edge of town, we seem to live exactly half way between them so our home has become everyone's meeting point, how lucky are we :)
The babies seem to have swapped mama's,

Our Lou lou man is playing a game on my computer, his dada is strict about him spending to much time on the computer but he was allowed to play a game while the babies got their pajamas on and had their bottles.

I tried to take a photo of my Lillie tree's that I grow in a pot near my kitchen window, the scent is beautiful...
I finished my book this afternoon by Mrs White, I thought she writes beautifully, I feel a little lost without her :)
Best Wishes x


  1. A wonderful family gathering. How nice your home has become the meeting place. I know exactly what you mean about finishing a book. You miss it and the characters within, real or fiction.