Thursday, 23 July 2015

Our little girl...

Now our Milly is our baby, we have four children and she is the youngest, as a tiny tot she was so clingy to me I often wondered if the umbilical cord had ever been cut :).
Milly is the sweetest young woman and a very thoughtful and loving daughter, she is now 20 years old, how time flies.
To our amazement over the last three years our girl has become a bit of a festival gal, she has always loved camping ( something we as a family never done), she has saved over the last few months for a ticket to go to a certain festival and today is the day. Louie took time out of his lunch time to take her and her friend, she is meeting many friends there and they have all made their way with different lifts and public transport. I went with louie to keep him company on the way back, luckily louie was working in our village today, it took us two hours to take her and get back home.
This is the girls ready to leave in the front garden,

We arrive and its time to unpack the car, the festival is for four days I think they have taken to much,

I know he feels emotional letting his baby girl to fly on her own in the big wide world ,

Off they go :)

When I arrived home my two big girls were waiting at the house with their lovely babies, we had a fun hour or two and in that time I found the video button on my camera (a Christmas present from our Zoe) so here is my first homemade video...


  1. Wonderful things going on all around you. Enjoy. You know how fast they grow.

  2. Looks like she'll be someplace, having fun. All part of growing up.