Saturday, 11 July 2015

Photo's from our week...

This morning I wanted to work out in the garden, but I needed to pull my cooker out and clean behind it. This was a bit of a shock it was really grubby, I didn't realise!

Not looking good is it?
I soon whipped up one of my homemade concoctions and hey presto we are clean and fresh again, my homemade cleaner went through my grime effortlessly leaving a lovely fresh scent :)
This week Louie and I took Milly out for the day, she likes the races so we took her to ladies day. We are not having a holiday this year and Milly is off to university in September so we want to spend as much time as possible with her, I love this photo of Milly and her dad...
I am not a very photogenic person but Louie took this photo of me which I liked until I realised I was wearing two pairs of glasses!!
This is Frankie Detorri  riding past on his way up to the starting line.
He Won :)
I am now researching how to make Milly homemade facial wipes that are kind to her skin and chemical free.
Best wishes x



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  1. What a lovely day you all had.Looks like great fun. Wonderful family pics. What an interesting new project you are tackling. Keep us posted.