Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday's facts and figures...

This morning I decided to make Smoked Mackerel Pate, I had some mackerel in the fridge left over from earlier in the week which I did not want to go to waste.
I whizzed up the fish with some cream cheese, butter and lemon juice,

My mega-mix whips it lovely and smooth

I made some Devilled eggs, salad and toasted slices of French crusty bread and spread the pate on top with a squirt of lemon, there is enough left for Louies pack lunch tomorrow.

I managed to pick another bowl of our pea's in the pods, Milly (my youngest daughter) helped me shell them with a cuppa tea :)

This afternoon when the house was quite I put pen to paper, over the last six day's I have kept my shopping receipts for all my grocery shopping. I divided my receipts into grocery, cleaning & toiletries, dairy, meat/fish and veg. Over the last six days I have spent £125.00, dairy and meat being the most money spent. Cleaning was very low at £6.16, I smiled to myself as this included toilet rolls, ingredients for my laundry liquid and cleaning products so I am wining here. Vegetables was £11.47 this included fresh fruit and vegetables to have with meals, we are growing our own salad produce in our raised beds, but we only have two beds and space is precious. We will be making four more beds in the autumn. Dairy was £27.68 pence, I do a lot of baking and use a lot of cream, eggs and butter but i need to get this cost down, once I had my figures I compared prices online, I want to keep my quality but I could see the difference in prices, I was really surprised.
I must try not to get to overwhelmed by all the changes I want to make, I guess you start with small steps.
I am enjoying the challenge and I know its for the good in many ways.
Best wishes x


  1. you may find cheaper substitutes and still be healthy. Often I use applesauce in place of eggs when baking a cake. The taste does not carry over to the cake.

  2. Changes take time and it sounds like you are making wonderful progress towards your goals. I haven't had Mackerel in years but I must admit your pate sounds intriguing.