Monday, 31 August 2015

Busy day's...

It's been a busy week, we have had another Birthday our jade turned 28 this week! This is her Birthday photo with her and her much loved dad,
Saturday our family came to our home to cut Eva's Birthday cake it was her Birthday the week before and she wanted to wait for her cake until we were all together,
They had a lot of fun down the garden..

This week Eva slept over, we picked plums off our tree and made Ga a plum bake ( our grandchildren call Louie Ga), its lovely to bake with her,
We have another busy week a head, tomorrow we have the decorator's in to paint the kitchen and snug area, I have tried to pack things away but its impossible to completely remove all fixtures and fittings.
I have to show this picture of our Oscar and his dada under our laden apple tree on our land, I took this Saturday once they are ready I hope to do a lot of baking and freeze what I can. Life seems so busy at the moment but I am grateful for the busyness some days. :)

Sunday, 23 August 2015

My Homemade cleaning products...

This week I needed to make my cleaning products, first I made our Milly a fresh batch of facial wipes. I use chemical free nappy liners for the wipes ( I buy these from a herbal shop), I mix 2 cups of distilled water, I use boiled water cooled, add 1 tbls of sweet almond oil, 1 tbls of witch hazel, 1tsp of Dr Bonners liquid soap I used lavender then I add 5 drops of organic lemon essential oil and 2 drops of lime. Roll up 12 liners and put them in a bag add the liquid, zip the bag and gently swish the liquid evenly over the wipes. These will last for a week, because there is no chemicals you have to make fresh every seven days. Milly says they are the best she has ever used :)

Next I made my laundry detergent,
1 grated bar of Dr Bonners Almond oil soap
2 Cups of washing soda crystals
2 Cups of Borax
1 Cup of Bicarbonate Soda
2x 10 drops of essential oil, I used 10 drops of organic lemon, 10 drops of peppermint .
Mix all this together and then spoon into jars, I prefer the washing powder to the homemade laundry liquid.
Put two heaped tablespoons into your washing machine draw dispenser.

Sometimes if there are heavy stains I will soak the garment first in a solution that I make up, I have also learnt to make homemade toilet tablets which keep the toilet clean and fresh, I will post about this next time.
Also in the kitchen I keep a small saucer of bicarbonate of  soda, each day I add a couple of drops of essential oils, bi-carb absorbs odours leaving the room smelling fresh.
I feel using essential oils in the home everyday has had a nice effect on everyone's mood, its very uplifting and positive. I am also drinking BRAGGS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR three times a day mixed with water, if you get a chance please google this product its truly AMAZING! Well my eyes are feeling heavy so I guess its time for my bed, best wishes x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Its the Birthday season...

Well where do I start! Time flies and I have so much to tell but I doubt I will get it all in one post!!
As you can see I have changed my font to a larger print, it just makes reading a little easier.
Last week I had a week of health screening, I had my cervical smear test and then a few days later my 4th yearly mammogram. This time last year I was a shell of a person living each day with fear & anxiety but I tell you there's now no fear or anxious thoughts, I am grateful to live in a country where these screenings are available & free.
The birthday season has started in our family, I call it this because its one after another from now until January :)
This week was our Eva's (my granddaughter) birthday she was nine, we took her to " Frankie & Benny's" her favourite restaurant where we gave her, her presents.
All my grandchildren are special but I see a lot of myself in our Eva when I was a little girl.
We all had lunch, our babies Oscar & Eliza were so good, there mamas put them at the end of the table where they could give them their lunch.
Lou lou man was happy with his pudding, it came on a little tray with little treats,
Ladies I intend to write a post very soon on the truly amazing results I am having using my homemade cleaning products.
Wishing you all a lovely evening. x

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Our Gardens bounty...

I was so pleased the weekend was here, life slows down a little in our home. I knew I had a few jobs I wanted to do the main one was to pull our carrots up and blanch them and freeze. First things first I made my laundry gel this will probably last about two weeks, now that I have been using my homemade gel for a good few weeks  our clothes and our laundry cupboard smell so clean and fresh, everything is so so soft, I urge anyone to change over.
Once I had some order in the kitchen I went out in the garden and pulled up our carrots, the smell of the rich soil that clung onto them made my heart sing :)
Friday early evening I was washing some dishes when I looked out the kitchen window and saw a small yellow dot, I grabbed my camera and headed for the land at the bottom of our garden, look what it was!

My sunflowers I had grown from seed then planted out earlier in spring were now in bloom, how magical nature is.
I noticed how laden our apple trees are, I just stood still amazed, there will be many apple recipes on our household menu this autumn!!!
Lastly look at our beautiful lilies I walk past them on the way to my washing line and the scent is lovely.

I have a request to ask my fellow readers, our eldest daughters (Zoe) father in law had a stroke three weeks ago, he is a dear irish man, his name is Michael our grandchildren call him "granddad mick", he is slowly recovering but still very weak. I know how powerful the power of prayer can be, so I ask please can you pray for him, that the good Lord will bless him with strength and courage, as a family we would be so grateful. God Bless x

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Working in the Garden...

I have been so busy lately that I had let my chores in the garden slide a bit, with other jobs in the home needing my attention I knew I had got to set a day for the garden, everything else can wait!
Today's weather was just right, I needed to tidy up my raised beds to make room for my leeks, I am also hoping I have got time to sow some more lettuce seeds. We have made two gardens out of our very large garden, so today I worked on the first part of the garden where we have grass, two raised beds, fruit trees and steps leading down to our gravel area.

The above picture is of my carrots that I need to pull up and freeze, the leeks need pulling up and replanting so we have leeks this winter.

Louie has come down with a cold, in fact most of my family are feeling sore throats and generally unwell. I have made a homemade concoction spray using white vinegar, vodka and essential oil I used peppermint. I spray everywhere with this to stop the spreading of germs, I really do not want to come down with it. x

Monday, 3 August 2015

Eliza's Baptisim...

Yesterday was our granddaughter Eliza's baptism.
My daughter and grandchildren's church is in the centre of town, trying to park near by is a bit of an issue, this is my son in law walking towards church with his two beautiful girls.

The service was beautiful and Eliza was such a good girl,

Such a beautiful day :)