Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Its the Birthday season...

Well where do I start! Time flies and I have so much to tell but I doubt I will get it all in one post!!
As you can see I have changed my font to a larger print, it just makes reading a little easier.
Last week I had a week of health screening, I had my cervical smear test and then a few days later my 4th yearly mammogram. This time last year I was a shell of a person living each day with fear & anxiety but I tell you there's now no fear or anxious thoughts, I am grateful to live in a country where these screenings are available & free.
The birthday season has started in our family, I call it this because its one after another from now until January :)
This week was our Eva's (my granddaughter) birthday she was nine, we took her to " Frankie & Benny's" her favourite restaurant where we gave her, her presents.
All my grandchildren are special but I see a lot of myself in our Eva when I was a little girl.
We all had lunch, our babies Oscar & Eliza were so good, there mamas put them at the end of the table where they could give them their lunch.
Lou lou man was happy with his pudding, it came on a little tray with little treats,
Ladies I intend to write a post very soon on the truly amazing results I am having using my homemade cleaning products.
Wishing you all a lovely evening. x

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