Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Working in the Garden...

I have been so busy lately that I had let my chores in the garden slide a bit, with other jobs in the home needing my attention I knew I had got to set a day for the garden, everything else can wait!
Today's weather was just right, I needed to tidy up my raised beds to make room for my leeks, I am also hoping I have got time to sow some more lettuce seeds. We have made two gardens out of our very large garden, so today I worked on the first part of the garden where we have grass, two raised beds, fruit trees and steps leading down to our gravel area.

The above picture is of my carrots that I need to pull up and freeze, the leeks need pulling up and replanting so we have leeks this winter.

Louie has come down with a cold, in fact most of my family are feeling sore throats and generally unwell. I have made a homemade concoction spray using white vinegar, vodka and essential oil I used peppermint. I spray everywhere with this to stop the spreading of germs, I really do not want to come down with it. x

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