Monday, 28 September 2015

Harvest time and canning...

Our apple trees are laden with their harvest, I kept looking at them from the kitchen window thinking can I use these wonderful produce? I have been reading about canning for some time so last week I went into town and bought my jars suitable for canning.
Saturday was a beautiful warm autumn day so I decided to pick as many apples as I could, I filled my laundry basket up twice,
Don't they look lovely?
I even love the cans, I washed them by hand and gave them a good rinse,
I decided to sterilise my jars and lids in the oven, I met a lovely lady in Lakeland's when I was buying my jar's, she told me that her and her family lived in a very rural area and with five children her and her husband had been canning their home grown produce for many years. I found her fascinating and would loved to have taken her home for a week or two!!! She gave me a few bits of advice and went on to say how she sterilises her jar's in the oven.

I canned six jar's and juiced two jar's to put in the fridge.

I was so thrilled with my first attempt :)
Yesterday I went for a walk over the fields down the bottom of our lane, the photo below is outside our home,

I walked along the side of the fields,

The hedgerows fruits were in abundance, I picked blackberries, eyed up some rose hips that look ready for picking which I cannot do until later in the week, hopefully no one else will notice them before hand :))
Do you see the sloe's?
I picked a large tray of blackberries, then weighed them and put them in freezer bags to freeze.
Last week was our eldest daughters birthday, Louie gave me money to take our girls out for lunch, Zoe got to choose where.
Zoe's birthday picture with her sister's...( Zoe is on the left)
This last picture is of my two big girls saying goodbye, they just adore each other,
I am 52 yrs of age this week and very much in my menopause, I am going to make time to write a post on the changes I have made that have had a very positive affect on my life on a health level and have also made the menopause much more comfortable, I can only share my journey as I go through my day to day living and if it helps others then that's all the better. God Bless x

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