Monday, 21 September 2015

Sleepover at nanies...

I love this time of year! Friday afternoon I picked our granddaughter Eva up from school, that was an experience! A warm Friday afternoon traffic in the centre of town, I sat stuck in traffic feeling very trapped and thinking how relieved I felt allowing myself plenty of time to arrive at the school. I could not live in town now after living village life for the last eight years.
Eva stayed over Friday night until Saturday afternoon, we went down to our land and picked our lovely red apples for juicing.
We filled our bowl and headed for the kitchen, I had given Eva a new apron that one of our polish students bought me as a present. She loved it :)
Eva operated the juicer while I washed and cut any insect holes from the apples,
I love working with this lovely girl, finally we bottle her juice she was thrilled and chilled it in the fridge to have with breakfast the next morning.
After all this hard work we went for a walk down the lane to see the horses, someone in the village has hung a swing under a tree for children to play on, we had to try it out.

Our lovely girl x