Thursday, 15 October 2015

A simple day...

I have had a much more relaxed week, I have still been very busy baking, cleaning, paper work for Louie the difference is I just took my time.
I made an apple pie which has lasted two days so far with one more portion left for Louie tomorrow, in fact it seems to taste better with each passing day!
We have an Italian student staying with us at the moment, he is with us until November, Saturday morning we also have a German student arriving he is staying for two weeks.
They pay me £135.00 each a week  for bed breakfast, evening meal, clean bedding each week, clean towels, use of their own bathroom and I have to wash one load of clothes for them each week, oh yes free wi fi.
This keeps me on my toes!
Home baking becomes a very important factor when I have students as I have to make good ingredients stretch further and not eat to much into my budget. Tonight I wrapped smoked bacon around chipolata sausages otherwise known as "pigs in blankets". I oiled some potatoes and sprinkled some sea salt on them, once cooked I cut them in half and scooped the potato out of its skin, once mashed I added some cheese, salt, pepper and two of our leeks( the leeks sautéed in butter) then put this mixture back into the skins and baked in the oven until golden brown. I served this with mushrooms and sweet little tomatoes baked in the oven.

my own leeks


I forgot to take a picture of them finished.
Tomorrow a busy day, a deep clean in the students bathroom ready for our new arrival, a trip to my butchers to stock up the freezer.
I have been reading about the flu jab and decided I will NOT be taking the NHS up on their offer when I become of age. More on this in another post, before I go for the night have you noticed how chilly the mornings are? The dew on the grass? Best Wishes x

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  1. A busy time ahead by the looks of it. Your baked potatoes sound delicious. I love baking too P x