Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Market...

This morning Louie and I have breakfast together just the two of us, I made a lovely juice, beetroot, oranges, carrots and a little piece of ginger. The beetroot and carrots were organic as I am now introducing much more organic produce in our diet.
With our juice I scrambled half a dozen eggs O/F R of course, it was delightful. After dishes washed we showered, dressed and headed off into town, Louie likes the market on a sunday and my favourite vegetable stall from a local farm is always there on a sunday, I always chat with the farmer and my eyes always survey his hardworking hands where the soil is ingrained in his skin and his hat sits to far forward and his cheeks are always rosy red. His crops are not sprayed and he always sells out by 1.30 pm, I buy more beetroot, carrots, kale and a garlic bulb what a beauty!!
We stop and have a cuppa tea and take in the autumn sunlight,

Just watching the world go by,

To my surprise he takes me to my favourite shoe shop and treats me to a pair of winter boots for my birthday, then later we go and have a bite to eat, such a lovely day!!
I have decided that I am staying close to home and catching up on jobs this week, laundry, baking, cleaning and food shopping. I hope to make time to go over the fields and pick rosehips and sloes, I will post through the week, x

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