Saturday, 17 October 2015

What a day!!

It was something my daughter said to me the other day, " he is going to love your cooking mum", this was what Zoe said to me when I told her I had a young lad coming to stay for two weeks. He is a 25 yr old student.
Louie my other half is not a big fellow, I would describe his frame as lean but his trade is very physical, plastering.
We eat well but we do not tend to snack a lot , meals are at certain times and we kind of keep to this.
I am going off track a little, So early morning our young visitor arrives as soon I opened the door I thought yep you are going to eat me out of house and home.  Tired and hungry I show him his room, bathroom and bring him into the kitchen I set about making him breakfast crusty bread doorsteps and I fry louies favourite smoked bacon, I make him a cuppa tea and a fresh juice beetroot, oranges,and carrots I thought that should set him up for the day!
After all his travelling he takes a nap, I clean the kitchen and then start to make a BIG winter's beef stew with cheese and herb dumplings, I make homemade apple crumble.
I will keep this quick and simple, when he woke he munched his way through the fruit on the dresser, devoured the stew, the apple crumble took minutes to disappear and I turned round to see him putting an empty ice cream tub back in the freezer!!!
Finally dinner dishes cleared away, I turned to see Louie in our pantry " what are you doing?" I asked, " hiding the left over stew" I can see the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting and I am in no doubt I will be working for my money :)

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