Friday, 15 May 2015


Tuesday evening I started to feel a little unwell, I had a headache then felt slightly nausea and within minutes the room was spinning. This went on all through the night, by morning I was totally exhausted and a little anxious. I spoke with an out of hours doctor on the phone who asked a range of questions which I was told to answer in yes or no answer, eventually he told me I was suffering with LABYRINTHITIS, a form of motion sickness. Doctor prescribed an anti sickness tablet, he told me that not much is known about this condition a part from the fact it affects the inner ear canal.
Today I still feel dizzy but its getting a little better, I am missing my daily routine and I am not great at doing nothing.
I would welcome any advice if anyone has suffered with this condition, this morning I have managed to change the bed and am going to shower and try and potter about, maybe try and walk to look at my raised beds.