Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Slowly slowly...

Today has been my first day of baking since Friday, I am still waking with a slight headache. The nausea and dizziness did not come on me until this afternoon, I am getting more of my day back with each passing day.
This morning I baked a peach tart, I used tinned peaches, I had some pastry I had made a while ago in the freezer (I used an Amish recipe for the pastry), I defrosted the pastry in the fridge over night.

There is a shop nearby that has a delivery of fresh baked bread twice a week, once the bread goes stale it makes lovely bread crumbs!
I have been reading a blog called "Down to Earth", I used one of her recipes for sweet potato and tinned salmon fish cakes, I changed it slightly to improvise with what I had.
I steamed the sweet potatoes and once cooked I mashed them, then I drained and added a large tin of red salmon, one finely chopped onion, one medium sweet red pepper and salt & pepper.
I did not have any breadcrumbs and my crusty bread was too fresh, so I had a few slices of toasting bread, I put the oven on the lowest setting, put three slices in a baking tray and left them to dry in the oven for forty minutes turning them over half way through.

After a good blitz in the processor I had lovely dried breadcrumbs, I had added parsley before I blitzed.
I gently fried the fish cakes in vegetable oil, for some reason I cannot upload any more pictures on this post but louie assures me they tasted lovely :)