Thursday, 28 May 2015

I am changing...

Over the years when the children lived at home, I tried various different jobs to try and earn a small income in some way.
I knew since a young age that my heart belonged to my family and keeping home, I was always painting & decorating or trying to give something old and unloved a new lease of life and a purpose.
I have always liked a nice home, good down to earth food, home baked when my time allowed.
It was in my thirties that anxiety reared its ugly head and has controlled a number of my years, looking back I was trying to be wonder woman. When ever asked what did I do for a living I was very uncomfortable saying I was a mother, housewife for fear of people thinking I was lazy or that we had lots of money and I did not need to work.
These last few months I have felt a stirring in me, my daily routine is changing, my beliefs are becoming more meaningful.
The way I food shop has taken a massive turn around, for years I would only use certain shops as they were familiar! Not now, I give myself a budget, I shop around, plan my weekly menu' s. This might sound very boring and nothing you have not read before but I am loving it :) The thrill when I come across a bargain, feeling a sense of achievement when my baking comes together, nurturing my vegetables in the raised bed's. There is nothing to be uncomfortable about owning up to being a housewife, its hard work, rewarding and challenging.
My anxiety levels have really reduced and most days are now care free but life is a lot slower and and I have a much better routine in my daily life.
I know I will always have to manage my anxiety, I am learning.
I roasted  some sweet tomatoes, courgettes, red onion and garlic, I added vegetable stock, gave it a blitz in the blender, then strained it. It made a lovey soup,
Oat crunchies
My kitchen window, I erected this fencing we had laying in the garage, I needed a support for the rose bush.

My bargain buys today, all for under £10, I use to always use the same brands but not now ;-)