Monday, 6 July 2015

Cleaning with a sparkle...

Well I have seriously ditched the cleaning chemicals! I have cleared my cleaning cupboard and my two big girls shared the cleaning products.
I have been researching for two weeks about our cleaning products, I have read how other people make their products but I do believe its a personal matter so I have made my products to suit our families hygiene.
This is what I used to clean our bathrooms, I squeezed some lemon juice in the bi carb soda, I then used the lemon to clean around the taps. I have thrown away the green scouring sponges and I now use the coconut husks I am thrilled with them.
I also use a homemade cleaner using baking powder, this is very powerful if you mix it with liquid soap, I am using Dr Bonners liquid soap as it is natural vegetable oil and essential oils.
Tonight I boiled some of our home grown beetroot to have with our salad, this was the saucepan before I washed it...
I washed my pan with the minimal of effort using my cleaner,

Ta dah!!!
I cant tell you how much better homemade cleaners are, the results are amazing and the cleaners deodorize any kitchen smells.
Now for the kitchen sink, this is before the clean...
A clean and a buff and it sparkles :)
I am so impressed with the laundry liquid I have made but I will save that for another day, best wishes x